Where do you want that ghost Niki?

Those were the words of Pete, Niki’s dad, who has been working non stop with Yorkshire Rows over the last 18 months and yesterday was putting up Halloween decorations for Niki during our admin meeting/interview with Viking FM/chiropractor session with Paul Cheung!  Niki also had 20 local kids  coming for a  Halloween party later!

Talking of kids, we have been touring primary schools over the last few weeks.  Janette, as skipper, is a bit strict and precious about our very expensive equipment. So as she was away when I did my school assembly, I decided to sneak round to her house and pick up some exiting bits of kit to take with me – what could happen?   We had such fun at South Milford primary: the kids were trying on the life jackets, throwing the grab ropes, passing round the pee bucket and examining the EPIRB with strict instructions NOT to press the red button on the top which would immediately alert the search and rescue!  Assembly was great and I took the equipment back – phew, had got away without any breakages or rescue helicopters arriving at school… she would never know.  Until that was, she opened the local paper when she got back and there I was with the children with all our equipment.. oops


In October, we had another wonderful opportunity on BBC breakfast. There was a wind machine, not one but two vicars blessing Rose, a surgical lesson using lamb steaks by our GP Caroline, and me having a back massage and chiro treatment on a bed by the river! you couldn’t make it up.


Following our piece, we were contacted by Cavendish Aviation who were concerned that Frances was going to have to dodge sharks to clean the huuuuge barnacles from the hull, so kindly sponsored us by covering the boat in a super duper coating which they currently use for aircraft.  They collected Rose from Burnham and drove her to their special hanger where the process took place. She even had her picture taken with the South West Air Ambulance.


Next it was food food and more food.  We are delighted that Holland and Barrett  have sponsored Yorkshire Rows by providing our snacks – I have never seen so much dried fruit, nuts, bounce bars, flapjack, and whey powder.


We need to consume 6.5 k calories a day so the amount of food we have to pack is a lot.  We had an army of helpers packing 240 bags of snacks and loading this and all our expedition food on Rose.  During this time is was Janettes’s birthday.  We had been so busy that not only did we, but she, forgot her own birthday – we only realised when Virgin Money sent her an email wishing her happy birthday!

The Talisker promo film was released this month  – someone actually said it was more dramatic than the 007 trailer: lots of shots of Rose on the Isle of Skye and the drone shots were amazing.  It is also currently being shown on big screens in airports around the UK.  Frances’s face in slow motion on multiple screens is so cool.  The “fours” promo has also been released and is equally dramatic with lots of moody looking big men on rowing machines and running up mountains.  Our bit is us sitting on a bed drinking tea?!


Well, as I write we have 44 days until the race start.  We have two exciting events until then. One is our leaving barn dance on the 21 November and tickets are still available, and the other is turning on the Burn Christmas lights.  We are in such good company of light “switchers’ at Burn, with the likes of Harry Gration and Hilda Ogden!!!  But the most exciting thing is that the lights will be kept on until we return: how cool is that.200px-HildaOgden

We are still looking for a main sponsor but our charities are now also in the forefront of our minds.  We are looking forward to visiting a Maggies Cancer Caring Centre  in Newcastle in November which will inspire and motivate us to keep going when we are feeling low, missing family, seasick and scared on our Atlantic adventure.  Can’t wait to meet everyone there.  Update on that visit coming soon.


ps apologies for using the word “cool” shouldn’t be using it according to  Henry!